About us

Educators SA also known as CEASA is a community of 15 000 educators who are members of one of our 58 educator professional associations. Collectively we speak as the voice of educators in South Australia!

Formed in 1994 as the Council of Education Associations of South Australia (CEASA), Educators SA and its members represent the views of educators from all aspects of the profession, from all sectors, from all levels of care and schooling and who collectively provide thousands of hours of professional learning to colleagues each year.

Educators SA is managed by a member elected Board and is guided by a Council of delegates from each member association. The aim is for every member to have a say and contribute to Educators SA. We advocate for the profession at a government and sector level, provide professional learning to member presidents and committees and provide a range of services to members and to the public including being the largest provider of Responding to Abuse and Neglect training.

Educators SA is a registered charity and incorporated association; we are committed to enabling all educators in South Australia to associate professionally both online and through association communities.

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Our Vision

To be recognised as the peak professional educational representative association.

Our Mission

Provide connections to improve educator quality through collaboration.

Strategic Actions

Driving Quality Performance

  • Advocate the role of professional associations in achieving educator quality
  • Provide relevant and informed advice, based on evidence from field, to government and educational sectors
  • Develop data acquisition and management strategies to enable informed and credible decision making and advocacy

Building productive and strategic relationships

  • Develop a Communication Strategy that embraces technological solutions that is inclusive and encourages engagement
  • Strengthen our relationships with educational authorities and our members

Embedding sustainability


  • Diversify our income streams by creating viable and sustainable funding sources
  • Actively pursue opportunities to promote, create awareness and raise the profile of Educators SA
  • Lead the generation and promotion of innovation
  • Provide quality services that assist our members with effective governance, marketing and management
  • Build our capability to grow the capacity of the organisation
  • Explore the development of an accountability framework


Educators SA is operated in compliance with the South Australian Government’s Information Privacy Principles, a copy of which can be obtained here.

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The Educators SA website collects the following information from users:

  • Search words/phrases used by visitors to the Site (per Atomz Search engine). No attempt is made to identify users.
  • Educators SA retains the e-mail address of people who send e-mails through the Feedback option for the purpose of sending a response. The information is not used for any other purpose nor disclosed without your consent.
  • No personal details from the Educators SA membership database or the Educators SA website are provided to any individual or organisation – this information is restricted to Educators SA staff.


Our Board

Educators SA is managed by a Board of elected representatives from the full Council of member Associations.


Lisa-Jane O’Connor

Association: The Primary Mathematics Association of South Australia (PMA)



Larry Spry

Association: Design and Technology Teachers Association (DATTA SA)


Vice President

Malcolm McInerney

Association: Humanities and Social Sciences SA (HASS SA)




Paul Clapton-Caputo

Association: EdTechSA





Graham Cox

Association: Drama South Australia (DSA)




Yvonne Zeegers

Association: South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA)


Liz Sandercock

Association: Early Childhood Organisation Inc (EChO)




David Andrew

Association: The Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA)

World Teachers’ Day – Celebration around the world!

The United Nations’ (UN) World Teachers’ Day celebrates the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This enables children and adults of all ages to learn to take part in and contribute to their local community and global society.

Internationally, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the first Friday in October. However, as this is usually during the Australian school holidays, Educators SA holds the World Teachers Day awards ceremony on the last Friday in October to celebrate the contribution made by South Australians to the education profession. The next Award Ceremony will be on the 26th of October 2018!

World Teachers’ Day was inaugurated on the 5th October 1994 by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to commemorate the 1966 joint signing of the UNESCO/ILO (International Labour Organisation) recommendation concerning hte status of Teachers. Celebrated in over 100 countries, World Teachers’ Day acknowledges the efforts of teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society. It is a day on which students, parents and community members can demonstrate their appreciation for the contributions that teachers have made to their community.

World Teachers’ Day – Celebration around the world!

In addition to recognising and celebrating awards that professional Associations have made during the year to their members, there are also the following awards:

  • Educators SA/Credit Union SA Early Career Teacher Award
  • Educators SA/Credit Union SA Innovative Association Award
  • Educators SA/Credit Union SA Teacher Supporting Teachers Award
  • Flinders University School of Education Award
  • University of South Australia School of Education Award
  • Adelaide University School of Education Award
  • Teachers Registration Board Induction and Mentoring – Early Careers Award
  • Minister’s Arts Award – Primary & Secondary
  • World Education Forum SA Educators Award