The Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all Australian students. It describes the learning entitlement of students as a foundation for their future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community.

It makes clear what all young Australians should learn as they progress through schooling. It is the foundation for high quality teaching to meet the needs of all Australian students. For more information about the Australian Curriculum, see the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) website.

Other useful resources

Curriculum Implementation

SA Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) Framework provides:

  • a common vocabulary for SA teachers, at all levels and in all sites, for talking about their core work
  • a starting point for an ongoing discussion about pedagogy as core work for all personnel and a basis for promoting a rich and nuanced understanding of pedagogy – for leaders with teachers as well as teachers with studentsthe basis for self-reflection tools that can be used at the level of individual teacher, faculty group, whole school/site and system levels in order to identify resource and professional development needs.
  • See the Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) framework
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