MoneySmart – Financial literacy for you and your students

MoneySmart is a Commonwealth Government program managed by ASIC and is great for two reasons:

1. Teaching Resources – financial literacy is more important than ever for young Australians
2. Your financial health – there are great personal resources for you as a preservice or Early Career Teacher

For yourself there are lots of videos from the Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape, such as “getting your first job”, “being a student”, “buying your first home”, “dealing with credit card debt” and much more. Click here for more information.

As an educator there are lots of teaching resources and professional development. For professional learning try some of their online courses. Perhaps start with the first one which is “Teach MoneySmart: Be MoneySmart” but you can start with whichever online course you like. They are no more than 90 minutes and are really useful.

Have a look at their resources! There is something there for all year levels from Foundation to Year 12 and VET. There are also resources for all of the Australian Curriculum learning areas, so you can integrate fantastic financial literacy ideas into your curriculum planning.

As well as being practical and useful, completing financial literacy professional learning also looks good on your CV!

MoneySmart is also great for preservice educators – make sure you use it in job applications. For professional learning you might like to start with Financial Literacy 101.

Remember all MoneySmart professional learning is free and online – you can do it anytime and anywhere.

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