What is MoneySmart?

MoneySmart is a financial literacy program developed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for the Commonwealth Government. It has information, resources and calculators to improve the financial knowledge, skills and capabilities of all Australians.

MoneySmart for Educators

One part of the MoneySmart program is MoneySmart Teaching. MoneySmart Teaching is designed for primary, secondary, relief and pre service educators. It aims to equip educators so they can develop the consumer and financial capabilities of young Australians. It does this by offering online courses and resources – free of charge!

MoneySmart Professional Development Courses

MoneySmart Teaching has seven free, online professional development courses for educators. These are:

  • Teach MoneySmart: Be MoneySmart
  • Connect MoneySmart: Use MoneySmart
  • MoneySmart Maths (Primary)
  • MoneySmart Maths (Secondary)
  • MoneySmart HASS (Primary)
  • MoneySmart Hass (Secondary)
  • Teaching young adults about money (Be MoneySmart)
  • Teaching Indigenous students about money (Knowing Growing Showing)

All courses are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This means successful completions earn valuable professional development hours!

MoneySmart Classroom Resources

MoneySmart Teaching has 80 free, curriculum aligned classroom resources!  Each unit of work has fun and practical activities for learners as well as a curriculum mapping document with the relevant learning area, achievement standards, content descriptions and general capabilities for educators.


We live in an increasingly complex world. Money is less visible, online shopping is growing, credit is easy to access and the choice and complexity in financial products and services is increasing. Financial literacy enables young people to navigate these choices and make informed decisions.

-ASIC MoneySmart Implementation Guide

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