MoneySmart 2019

The new MoneySmart program is different!

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has developed the MoneySmart Teaching program for the Commonwealth Government. This program is a comprehensive strategy to develop consumer and financial literacy capabilities in young Australians. ASIC is a commission established by the Commonwealth Government to regulate Australia’s financial systems.

The previous MoneySmart Teaching program was all about professional learning for educators; the new one is about on-line training for educators as well as a suite of online resources.

Educators SA has won the contract with the Minister to deliver on MoneySmart training for educators in SA – but we now need to do it differently than before.

The first phase of our MoneySmart program is to offer all of our associations a chance for your committee/board to undertake the MoneySmart online training, consider how it impacts on what your association does and earn money for your association at the same time.

There is a chance for you to nominate 30 people to do 1 of the online modules or 15 people to do 2 online modules. Your association will be paid $50 per module resulting in a total of $1,500 for your association.

If all associations do this then there will be 1180 educators with more knowledge of MoneySmart and a total of $88,500 going into our associations. Taking up this opportunity pays a dividend and gives you a genuine opportunity to assess MoneySmart and incorporate it into your professional learning programs as appropriate.

Your 30 nominees (or 15 if you want them to do 2 modules each) will have to complete their online modules by 22 February 2019; any places not taken up by this time will then be offered to other associations. Please email the names of you nominees to the Educators SA office at by 7 December 2018.

To participate all you have to do is:

  1. Determine who are your 30 (or 15) people.
  2. Notify the Educators SA office that you are participating and provide the names of your participants.
  3. Ensure your participants go online using the attached link and complete the module(s) – the modules take between an hour to an hour and a half to complete.
  4. Notify the Educators SA office when all of your participants have completed the module(s).
  5. Receive your $1,500.

Until the 22 February 2019, each association is restricted to 30 modules; after that associations may be able to do more if some associations don’t participate.

The modules are available at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website. There are six modules available
(ignore the “accredited”; “non-accredited” labels as they only apply in NSW and ACT); we recommend that everyone does the “Teach MoneySmart: Be MoneySmart” module and then choose any of the other five modules. General information about MoneySmart you can find here.

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